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Disability Pride

While legislators hammer out budget differences, disability activists remind lawmakers about the value of all people. Hosted by Ed Holen and Sue Elliott. Full story

Medicaid is Our Lifeline

Medicaid is more than health care. It's a lifeline. Individuals and families in Washington State…Full story

Saving Medicaid

The entire system of services for people with developmental disabilities in our state relies…Full story

Support for All Families

Legislative session is in full swing. Get the latest news on issues affecting children…Full story

A Living Wage for Supported Living

Hundreds of advocates rally in Olympia, asking legislators to put an end to unsustainably…Full story

Costco needs to Mind the Store

Does anyone out there watch Modern Family? There’s an episode when the characters Cam & Mitch go to Costco. Cam is all about Costco, while Mitch thinks it’s a ridiculous proposition – who could…Full story

Washington State DDC

The Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council is recruiting candidates from Central Washington to serve…Full story

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